Anyone can create an index, right? Not exactly. It is true that anyone with the right software can create a concordance for a book. However, this does not mean that anyone can or should create an index for your publication.

Here's why. A professionally created, custom-made index offers your readers more than a concordance, which is only an alphabetized list of words at the end of a book. The custom-made index is an intuitive map for your readers; it helps readers navigate through your book quickly and efficiently. This is because a professional indexer anticipates the needs of your readers in a way that concordance generating software simply cannot do.

Trust a professional indexer. After reading your book, I can create a custom-made index to your specifications with my professional indexing software. This index will give your book even greater appeal in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. The casual reader and serious researcher alike will return to your book again and again because it contains meaningful information that is easy to locate in its custom-made index.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Newest Project with Home Education Emphasis

I am excited about another indexing job that has a home education emphasis. The current working title for this project is Eternal Treasures: Teaching Your Children at Home. The project coordinator is Cheryl Swope, homeschooling mother, author, and national speaker for special needs. This is an especially unique project because I am involved with it as both a contributing writer (a small contribution!) and as the sole indexer for the book. 

The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is responsible for both the publication and funding of this book. Date for publication is sometime mid-2015. 

Memoria Press and FPEA Special Needs and Struggling Learner Homeschool Conference

This Nov. 21-22 I have the opportunity to represent Memoria Press at the FPEA Special Needs Struggling Learner Homeschool Conference in Orlando, FL. I will be assisting author and featured speaker, Cheryl Swope, at the Memoria Press table. Cheryl's recently published special needs curriculum will be featured, but other high-quality Memoria Press publications will be available as well. Memoria Press is offering free shipping for all orders placed at the conference.

I look forward to meeting representatives from other publishing houses and presses while at this conference.

Stop by and introduce yourself to me if you happen to be at this conference, too!

Another index for CPH's Luther's Works series completed!

Check out Concordia Publishing House's "Look Inside" feature to read a sample of the soon-to-be-published, Luther's Works: Church Postil III, vol. 77 . From historical and theological standpoints, these books are always interesting to index; Luther's sermons are timeless. Professionally speaking, it is always a pleasure to work with managing project editor, Dawn Mirly-Weinstock. The index adheres both to specifications outlined The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. as well as in-house style preferences. Anticipated publication date is December 9, 2014.

Job completed for Peace Hill Press

The index for Peace Hill Press' The Complete Writer:  Writing With Ease, Level 1, 2nd ed., by Susan Wise Bauer was completed in August! 

Working together again with managing project editor, Justin Moore, we based this textbook's index on indexing specifications outlined in The Chicago Manual of Style, 16th ed. There are a few in-house tweaks concerning these specifications, and the publication date is still pending.

As a home educator, this was an especially enjoyable project for me. I've used Peace Hill Press Materials for several years, and I am thrilled to have been part of the publication process for this top-notch series.