Anyone can create an index, right? Not exactly. It is true that anyone with the right software can create a concordance for a book. However, this does not mean that anyone can or should create an index for your publication.

Here's why. A professionally created, custom-made index offers your readers more than a concordance, which is only an alphabetized list of words at the end of a book. The custom-made index is an intuitive map for your readers; it helps readers navigate through your book quickly and efficiently. This is because a professional indexer anticipates the needs of your readers in a way that concordance generating software simply cannot do.

Trust a professional indexer. After reading your book, I can create a custom-made index to your specifications with my professional indexing software. This index will give your book even greater appeal in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace. The casual reader and serious researcher alike will return to your book again and again because it contains meaningful information that is easy to locate in its custom-made index.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Job security?

 "An index of the words discussed would be useful...," writes Peter Sokolowski, book reviewer for The New York Times ("How To Speak Perfect Emoji, and Other Language Lessons," Aug. 25, 2017). Exactly! I couldn't have said it better myself.

Like Sokolowski, have you ever read through a book in its entirety, decide that you want to reread a particularly meaningful section, and find out that the book has no index? It's a frustrating and time-consuming experience to have to "make do" with a book's Table of Contents and rely on one's memory in order to find a nugget of truth or wisdom hidden among its hundreds of pages.

Sokolowki's unsolicited observation means job security for professional indexers like me. Any good book deserves an equally well-done index. Therefore, do yourself and your readers a favor; hire an indexer. Make your book even more useful and complete by adding a professionally created index to it. Your readers (and book reviewers!) will thank you.

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